General rules


  • The Academic Year 2023/2024 begins on October 2, 2023 and ends in June 2024, upon completion of scheduled classes.

  • It is possible to enroll in Academy courses at any time as long as there is teacher and facility availability.

  • For individual courses, it is possible to request a free trial lesson of 30′, subject to the availability of the teacher while places last. For group courses there is a trial lesson to be considered free of charge only in the case of no subsequent enrollment: in case of enrollment, the trial lesson will be part of the annual amount of hours.

  • To attend the music courses and activities of the International Music School – Trieste it is necessary to be a member of the AGM Association. At the time of registration you will be asked to fill out the appropriate online form available at http:// enroll-now/ and pay the contribution of € 30.00 including the membership card for the current academic year and the registration fee for the courses.

  • For the academic year 2023/24, the school vacations established by the municipality of Trieste will be observed, with possible exceptions to ensure the number of classes for the chosen course.


  • A maximum of 2 make-ups per year are provided in case of a student’s excused absence. Notice of absence must be given at least the day before the class is to be held. Lessons that cannot be made up due to no notice or late notice will not be refunded. In contrast, classes missed due to teacher absence will always be made up. There are no make-ups for student absences from collective classes unless otherwise specified by the teacher.

  • The teaching activity of internal auditions/exams takes place in the classroom, during a lecture.

  • It is possible to use the school’s classrooms for instrument study free of charge, subject to the availability of the facility.

  • There is provision for the loaner of instruments with the payment of a supplementary monthly contribution.


  • In case of withdrawal from the courses it is necessary to send written cancellation 20 days prior to class termination. Group course fees are non-refundable in case of withdrawal.