Monthly subscription for lessons

Since October we’ve seen the enrolment of pianists, violinists, singers and jazz saxophonists. The steady growth of our school means that we can make move to a friendlier payment scheme. Previously, the cost of 1-to1 lessons was €400 in advance for 16 weeks (one semester, essentially). Now, students can pay a monthly subscription fee of €100 for 1-to-1 lessons, or €60 for group lessons (minimum group size of 2). As ever, the annual Association Membership fee of €50 applies.

We are particularly enthusiastic about group lessons. These are of great benefit to beginners. Why? Well:

  • Group learning stimulates creativity and allows students to see how their peers find solutions to mutual challenges in learning the instrument and certain techniques.
  • Healthy competition encourages students to keep up with their class-mates.
  • One of the best parts of playing music is playing music with other people, so why wait? Getting used to playing music with others from the beginning will help make the transition easier later on when approaching chamber music or an orchestra.
  • Of course, this option is also more economic!

If anyone has further questions, or would like to arrange a free trial lesson, as ever we can be contacted through the website, or by Facebook.

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