Simone Lanzi

Simone Lanzi

Simone Lanzi, born in Trieste, Italy, on September ’93, starts to play the double bass on the 2012 as self-taught.

On the accademic year 2012/2013 he starts the Bachelor in Jazz Double Bass in Giovanni Maier’s class; from 2015 he’s also in the class of Classical Double Bass with the Maestro Stefano Sciascia. In the 2016 he receives the Franco Russo’s Prize with the drummer Mathias Butul during the TriesteLovesJazz Festival. On March 2018 he finishes the Jazz Double Bass Bachelor with 104/110 mark, and on September 2018 he applies to the Bachelor of Classical Double Bass still with the Maestro Stefano Sciascia. On January 2021 he starts to teach double bass and electric bass for the schools JazzObala, Koper, Slovenija and Šola Petja in Glasbe Barbare Šinigoj, Bukovica, Slovenija. On March 2022 he concludes the Classical Double Bass Bachelor course with 109/110 mark.

In the meantime he cooperated with the following projects: Brazos-Black Suit Trio, Leading Guy, Orchestra Laboratorio 3.0, Orchestra Laboratorio 4.0, Eastern Border 4et, Beli Wainkush, Emanuele Grafitti Trio, Eastern Border Ensemble, TILT, JazzObala, Barbara Šinigoj and multiple other collaborations and concerts in Italy, Austria,Germany, Slovenia and Croatia.

He also recorded the following albums and EP: Brazos-Black Suit Trio EP 1 and 2; Mingus’ Grooves; Edgar Meis; Eastern Border Ensemble; TILT.

Now is working on various projects embracing different kind of music, from Greek and Balkan traditional music (for whose is also composing), to Jazz and Classical music.