Iscrizioni 2018

Da ottobre abbiamo iscritto ai nostri corsi violinisti, pianisti, flautisti, batteristi, sassofonisti, cantanti, contrabbassisti e chitarristi. Nel 2018 abbiamo in arrivo altri allievi e iniziamo a collaborare con i docenti di tromba e trombone. Le classi di clarinetto, fisarmonica, violoncello aspettano i loro primi allievi.

La nostra scuola è disponibile per una lezione-prova gratuita in qualsiasi momento dell’anno e siamo aperti a trovare una formula adatta alle vostre esigenze basandosi sulle nostre possibilità:

  • lezioni 7 su 7;
  • nel mattino, pomeriggio o sera;
  • possibilità di pagare le lezioni volta in volta, mensilmente o semestralmente;
  • interruzione del corso in caso non vi trovasse bene con noi;
  • il piano di studio misurato sulle esigenze dello studente; possibilità di noleggiare uno strumento musicale;
  • aula-studio con piano e batteria;
  • lingua di comunicazione italiano o inglese (certi corsi possono essere offerti in lingue russa, serba, cinese, turca);
  • corsi individuali o in gruppo (minimo 2 partecipanti);
  • costi accessibili dai 10 ai 25 euro all’ora.

Inoltre vi ricordiamo che quest’anno abbiamo abbassato il costo dell’iscrizione all’associazione fino ai 30€ annuali.

Ancora qualche dubbio? Contattaci subito!

Iscrizioni aperte

Sono aperte le iscrizioni ai corsi annuali di:

  • Violino
  • Chitarra
  • Pianoforte
  • Batteria
  • Flauto
  • Sassofono
  • Violoncello
  • Tromba
  • Fisarmonica
  • Clarinetto
  • Canto moderno e lirico
  • Trombone
  • Contrabbasso

Vi aspettiamo lunedì e giovedì dalle 17 alle 19

Monthly subscription for lessons

Since October we’ve seen the enrolment of pianists, violinists, singers and jazz saxophonists. The steady growth of our school means that we can make move to a friendlier payment scheme. Previously, the cost of 1-to1 lessons was €400 in advance for 16 weeks (one semester, essentially). Now, students can pay a monthly subscription fee of €100 for 1-to-1 lessons, or €60 for group lessons (minimum group size of 2). As ever, the annual Association Membership fee of €50 applies.

We are particularly enthusiastic about group lessons. These are of great benefit to beginners. Why? Well:

  • Group learning stimulates creativity and allows students to see how their peers find solutions to mutual challenges in learning the instrument and certain techniques.
  • Healthy competition encourages students to keep up with their class-mates.
  • One of the best parts of playing music is playing music with other people, so why wait? Getting used to playing music with others from the beginning will help make the transition easier later on when approaching chamber music or an orchestra.
  • Of course, this option is also more economic!

If anyone has further questions, or would like to arrange a free trial lesson, as ever we can be contacted through the website, or by Facebook.

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Lessons are beginning – how to sign up

Our first students are just beginning their lessons. So far we have piano students, singing students and already one young lady who shall start to learn to play double-bass! However, it’s by no means too late to book places for yourself, your friends or your children; we shall accept everyone.

Firstly, you might want to contact us in order to visit the school or ask us questions. If so, you can get in touch through the website, by telephone (+39 329 232 1084) , Facebook or Twitter – however you prefer.

The next step is to enrol online. Go to Courses & Membership. Firstly, anyone participating in activities of our association must become a member. We have membership for students, and we also have membership for anyone who would like to support our association. More information in supporting membership will follow in a separate post soon. Membership is annual and begins from the date we receive payment.

After becoming a member, or if you are already a member, pick the course you would like to enrol for. Add this to the cart and follow the checkout process until you reach the point where you are provided with our bank details in order to make the payment. Once you reach this point you shall receive e-mail confirmation of your order.

Please note that choir and chamber music are add-on courses for students who are also following a course for their primary instrument.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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International Music School Membership

International Music School Membership

International Music School is registered as an Italian cultural association. This means that anyone who wishes to participate in our courses must become a member. This membership is annual, and comes at the cost of €50. For families that consist of more than one child, or adult even, intending to join, the additional memberships will be offered at a 50% discount.

Supporting Membership

However, even if you don’t require lessons right now – perhaps you’d like to consider joining as a member anyway. The proceeds of supporting memberships will help to us improve the school with materials to help deliver lessons, improve acoustics of the rooms and the general environment. The membership fees will also help us to arrange other events such as concerts, masterclasses and go towards the costs of events such as summer camps later on.

The process of becoming a supporting member can be completed online – here.



Syllabus & Exam Preparation

What are we teaching?

At IMS Trieste the default syllabus used for the students will be that of the Trinity College London. These exams are internationally recognised, held to the same standard worldwide and are regulated. Trinity College have arrangements in place with educational authorities around the world in order to maintain internationally accepted accreditation.

Types of exams

Trinity offers exams graded from 1 – 8 for a wide variety of instruments that covers all the courses available at IMS Trieste. These exams will test students on their ability to perform pieces, technical exercises, sight reading, aural skills, improvisation and general musical knowledge.

There are other exams without the supporting tests that focus just on performance. These exams offer certificates for three levels; foundation (grade 3), intermediate (grade 5) and advanced (grade 8 equivalent).

IMS Trieste can also prepare students for exams at state owned Italian institutions such as the “Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini” of Trieste. This includes admission exams for courses of the higher level (e.g bachelor/triennio).

Academic Year 2016 – 2017

The beginning of our first academic year is almost upon us; Lessons shall begin from October. Anyone interested in enrolment should sign up for further notifications for when our online payment system is activated.


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Very soon we shall be announcing events to both promote and celebrate the beginning of this venture, including performances from our very own teachers and the opportunity for prospective students to touch and feel the instruments they are interested in. Subscribe to our mailing list in order to receive more information of these events.

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