Thank you, drums, and new offers

Thank you

IMS would like to give heartfelt thanks to those who attended our Open Day on Saturday 15th October. We’ve already taken on some students who are very much looking forward to their piano lessons, and we’re just as excited to be teaching them.


We’re also pleased to say that we’ve now taken on a new teacher, Mathias Butul of Brazos – Black Suit Trio and the FlatSlimS, who will be providing drum lessons.

Offers – Study/Rehearsal Space

In other news, we have the opportunity for up to eight people to rent their own personal space to study, seven days a week from Monday to Sunday, at a rock bottom cost of just ¢100 a month. Please get in touch for more information. We are also renting out the rooms for regular rehearsals. Again, get in touch for more information.

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