Syllabus & Exam Preparation

What are we teaching?

At IMS Trieste the default syllabus used for the students will be that of the Trinity College London. These exams are internationally recognised, held to the same standard worldwide and are regulated. Trinity College have arrangements in place with educational authorities around the world in order to maintain internationally accepted accreditation.

Types of exams

Trinity offers exams graded from 1 – 8 for a wide variety of instruments that covers all the courses available at IMS Trieste. These exams will test students on their ability to perform pieces, technical exercises, sight reading, aural skills, improvisation and general musical knowledge.

There are other exams without the supporting tests that focus just on performance. These exams offer certificates for three levels; foundation (grade 3), intermediate (grade 5) and advanced (grade 8 equivalent).

IMS Trieste can also prepare students for exams at state owned Italian institutions such as the “Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini” of Trieste. This includes admission exams for courses of the higher level (e.g bachelor/triennio).